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the prophet called the people to set off for tabuk

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Unformatted text preview: e, a woman stepped forward and complained to the Prophet about Sa'd in words of poetry, begging him to prevent Sa'd from shedding anyone's blood. When Allah's Messenger heard her poetic words, he was 152 Taking one's psychological condition into consideration 23 moved and felt pity. He didn't want to disappoint her, just as he didn't want to anger Sa'd by taking away the banner from him after having honoured him therewith. He therefore ordered Sa'd to hand over the banner to his son, Qays bin Sa'd, whom Sa'd was riding alongside, as they entered Makkah. Hence, the woman from Quraysh was happy when she saw that Sa'd was no longer carrying the banner, and likewise, Sa'd was not angered since he remained the leader of the battalion, except that he had spared himself the burden of carrying the banner and had thus given it to his son to carry instead. How wonderful it is to kill two birds with one stone! Try not to lose anyone. Try to successfully win over everyone - even if there is conflict of interest between them. Harmony... We deal with hearts not bodies. 153 (24) Be concerned about others People usually like to be valued. This is why one sees individuals at times acting in a certain manner in order to attract attention. They may even invent tales or stories of their valour so that people may show them concern or be amazed by them. Imagine a person who returns home from work tired. He enters his living room and finds his four children sitting alone. The oldest of them is eleven-years old and is watching a television program.The second is having his dinner.The third is playing with his toys, and the fourth is doing his homework. The father then greets them in a loud voice: "as-Salaamu `alaykum!" One of the children is lost in his television program, the second is completely enchanted by his toys and the third is busy with his dinner. As for the fourth, when he turns around and sees his father, he drops his books and rushes in delight to welcome him, kisses his hand, and then returns to his books. Which of th...
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