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the prophet responded to him with a few words and

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Unformatted text preview: The man was unable to find anything with which to abate his and his children's hunger, whilst the Muslims around him could barely get by, and hence, were unable to help him. `Adi was listening as the man asked the Prophet his question. The Prophet then responded to him, after which he left. When they continued to walk, there came another man who said, "O Messenger of Allah! I complain to you about highway robbers!" Meaning, "O Messenger of Allah! We have numerous enemies surrounding us and therefore cannot safely leave the walls of our city due to the disbelievers and thieves." The Prophet responded to him with a few words and continued. `Adi began 43 Who is the most beloved to you? 7 to think about what he had seen. He himself was honoured by his people, and he didn't have any enemies waiting to attack him. Why then were so many people accepting this religion whilst they were weak and poor? They both reached the Prophet's house and entered. Inside there was only one couch available so the Prophet gave it to `Adi in his honour, saying, "Take this to sit on." `Adi gave it back to him and said, "Rather, you should sit on it." The Prophet said, "Rather, you should sit on it." `Adi then did as he was told. Then the Prophet began to break down all the barriers that existed between `Adi and Islam. He said, "O `Adi, accept Islam and you will be safe." `Adi said, "I already have a religion." The Prophet said, "I know more about your religion than you do." He said, "You know more about my religion than I do?" The Prophet said, "Yes! Are you not from the Rukusiyya?" Rukusiyya was a sub-sect within Christianity with elements of Zoarastianism. It was become of his skills of persuasion that the Prophet did not ask, "Are you a Christian?" Rather, he circumvented this fact and mentioned something more particular, i.e. the sub-sect of Christianity which he belonged to. This is just as if y...
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