Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy Your Life

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Unformatted text preview: r, O Messenger of Allah! How much will you pay?" The Prophet said, "A Dirham." "A Dirham! You are cheating me, O Messenger of Allah", replied Jabir. The Prophet said, "Two Dirhams." "No. You are still cheating me, O Messenger of Allah..." replied Jabir. 111 Choose the right topics 18 They continued raising the price until it amounted to forty Dirhams, or an ounce of gold. Jabir said, "Fine, but on the condition that I continue to ride it until we reach Madinah." "Yes," agreed the Prophet . When they reached Madinah, Jabir went to his house and offloaded the camel.Then he went to pray with the Prophet and tied his camel next to the mosque. When the Prophet came out of the mosque, Jabir said to him, "This is your camel, O Messenger of Allah!" The Prophet said, "O Bilal, give forty Dihrams to Jabir and more." Bilal gave Jabir forty plus Dirhams. Jabir took the money in his hand and went away thinking about his situation and what he could do with the money. Should he buy a camel, or should he buy furniture for his house? The Prophet suddenly turned to Bilal and said, "O Bilal, take the camel and give it to Jabir." Bilal took it and went to see Jabir. When he arrived, Jabir was surprised and wondered if the Prophet had cancelled the sale. Bilal said, "Take the camel, O Jabir." Jabir said, "Why? What's the news?" Bilal said, "Allah's Messenger has ordered me to give you the camel and the money." Jabir returned to the Prophet and asked him what had happened. The Prophet replied, "Do you think I haggled with you just to take your camel?" Meaning, I wasn't asking you to lower the price because I wanted to buy your camel. I only did 112 Choose the right topics 18 what I did to assist you with some money! How wonderful these manners were! He chose the appropriate topic to discuss with the young man, and when he decided to help him, he did so with great kindness and compassion. One da...
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