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the prophet said in order to encourage abu hurayrah

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Unformatted text preview: and left for Makkah to inform the Messenger of Allah . He said, "O Messenger of Allah, Daws have disobeyed and refused to accept Islam. O Messenger of Allah, supplicate to Allah against them!" The Prophet's facial complexion changed and he raised his hands to supplicate. At-Tufayl saw this and thought to himself that Daws would now be destroyed, yet, the Prophet of mercy 543 Supplications 82 said instead, "O Allah, guide Daws! O Allah, guide Daws!" He then turned to at-Tufayl and said, "Go back to your people and call them to Islam with gentleness." He returned to them and continued to call them to Islam until they finally accepted. How beautiful it is to knock on heaven's doors, not only for at-Tufayl and his people but many others besides them. The Muslims at the beginning of the Islamic call were very few, perhaps, not more than thirty-eight men. One day, Abu Bakr suggested that the Messenger of Allah proclaim his message openly to the people and declare openly his Islam. The Prophet replied, "O Abu Bakr, we are few in number." Abu Bakr was very eager, so he persisted until they decided to do as he had suggested. They went out with the Prophet leading them and headed for the Grand Mosque. There they dispersed, every one of them addressing his own people. Abu Bakr stood up and began to address his people, call them to Islam, and attack their idols. The pagans rose against the Muslims and began to beat them all over the mosque. As the pagans were many in number, the Muslims dispersed. Meanwhile, a group of pagans ganged up against Abu Bakr and beat him until he fell to the ground. Thereupon, the evil `Utbah bin Rabi'ah came closer to Abu Bakr and began to strike him with his sandals and rub them against his face. He then stood on top of Abu Bakr's stomach while blood was pouring from his face. The flesh on his face became apparent and his mouth had became indistinguishable from his nose. 544 Supplications 82 Meanwhile, men from Abu Taym, who were the tribe...
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