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the prophet then responded in a way which made them

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Unformatted text preview: lim) Yes! This is how he said it. He waved his stick from afar, but 204 Do not criticise! 31 didn't strike anything with it. What can be better for you than to say to your wife, who does not keep the house tidy, "Yesterday, we stayed with a friend of mine, and everyone praised the cleanliness of his house." What can be better than for you to say to your son, who does not pray in the mosque, "I am amazed at this person in our neighbourhood! I never seem to miss him in the mosque at all!" Meaning, "It is you I am referring to so please pay attention!" It is right for you to ask why people dislike criticism, to which I would say in response, "Because it makes them feel deficient. Everyone loves perfection." It is said that once a very simple man wanted to be in control. To that end he got hold of two thermoses, one green and the other red. He filled them both with cold water. He then sat in people's way and began to shout, "Free, cold water!" Those who were thirsty would come to him, grab a glass and pour some water for themselves. When this man would notice that the thirsty person wanted to drink from the green thermos, he would say, "No! Drink from the red one." So he would drink from the red one. When another person would come who would want to drink from the red one, he would say, "No! Drink from the green one!" If someone were to object and ask, "What is the difference between the two?!" He would say, "I am responsible for the water. Either be pleased with what you have, or help yourself with water from elsewhere!" 205 Do not criticise! 31 It is the constant feeling in a person to be recognised and acknowledged as being important that drives him. A bee and a fly... Be like a bee that seeks out the scent and ignores the filth. Do not be like a fly that seeks out the bloody wounds. 206 (32) Do not be dictatorial Compare between three fathers. Each one of them sees his son sitting in front of the television s...
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