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the prophet then stood up to leave after feeling

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Unformatted text preview: n the Prophet's uncle passed away, the Quraysh began to harm him severely. He therefore left for Ta'if in order to seek the support and assistance of the tribe of Thaqif, as well as to seek their protection against the Quraysh. He was hoping that they would accept the message that he brought to them from Allah. He thus went out to them on his own. He entered Ta'if and proceeded to meet three men who were the leaders and the noblest men of Thaqif. They were three brothers; `Abd Yalayl bin `Amr, and his brothers Mas'ud and Habib, all sons of `Amr bin `Umayr. The Prophet sat with them and called them to Allah. He asked them to help him and support the cause of Islam, and to stand by him against those who oppose him from his own people. However, their response was a disgraceful one. One of them said,"I would tear off the covering of the Ka'bah if Allah really has sent you!" Another said, "Did Allah not find anyone else to send?" The third person sardonically responded, "By Allah, I would 66 With slaves and servants 12 never respond to you! If you really are the Messenger of Allah as you claim, then you are too dangerous to be responded to, and if you are lying about Allah, then I should never speak to you!" The Prophet then stood up to leave after feeling disillusioned by the nobility of Thaqif. He also feared that the Quraysh would find out that Thaqif had rejected him, and subsequently increase their torture. Thus he said to them, "Whatever you do, please keep this meeting a secret." But they did not. Instead, they incited the foolish people and the slaves against him, until they began to follow him to curse and abuse him. The people chased the Prophet into the fields of `Utbah bin Rabi'ah and Shaybah bin Rabi'ah whilst the two were present. The mob then dispersed and the Prophet sat under the shade of grape vines. The two sons of Rabi'ah witnessed his ordeal at the hands of the mob and felt pity for him, so they called a Christian servant they had by th...
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