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the prophet was angered at the reply but controlled

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Unformatted text preview: he realises that he was gentle on most occasions. But be careful! We are not calling for weakness and cowardice. We are only calling for gentleness. From the memorable examples of gentleness, we can relate that a month after the battle of Badr, Abul-`Aas, the husband of Zaynab the Prophet's daughter, wanted to send her to Madinah to her father. The Messenger of Allah sent Zayd bin Harithah and a man from the Ansar to Makkah and told them to wait at a place near Makkah on the road to Madinah. He said to them, "Wait at Ya'jah until Zaynab passes by you. You should then accompany her and bring her to me." Abul-`Aas, her husband, ordered her to pack her luggage. She began to collect her belongings, and as she was in the process there came to her Hind bint `Utbah, the wife of Abu Sufyan. She said to her, "O daughter of Muhammad! Why didn't you tell me you are planning to meet up with your father?" Zaynab feared that Hind might be plotting against her, so she said, "No. This is not what I am planning to do." She said, "Dear cousin, if you do want to go and if you ever are in need of something for your journey, or some money in order to be able to get there, then do not be embarrassed to ask me, for the relationship between us isn't like the relationship between men." Zaynab said, "By Allah, I don't think she said this except because she wanted to plot against me. But I hid my plans and denied that I was going to do that." 360 Gentleness only beautifies 53 When Zaynab packed her luggage, her husband feared that if she went alone, the Quraysh might find out about her departure. Thus, he ordered his brother, Kinanah, to accompany her. Kinanah bin al-Rabi' gave her a camel to ride on. She mounted on the camel as he grabbed his bow and quiver, and began to lead her on their way in broad daylight, as she sat in the howdaj.When the people saw this, some men from Quraysh began to speak about it amongst each other, "How can Muhammad's daughter be allowed to join him when he did what he did to us at Badr?" Thus they went out looking for her until they found her at a place called Dhu Tuwa. The fi...
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