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the man said thats strange where is the leader of

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Unformatted text preview: o-and-so..." They then all agreed with this opinion and decided to hold a meeting at `Hatm al-Hujun' at night at the highest part of Makkah. They gathered there and agreed to stand up against the declaration and get it reversed. Zuhayr said, "I will start by speaking first, and then you can stand up to speak one-by-one." In the morning, they went to their gatherings in front of the Ka'bah, where people would meet up to trade. Zuhayr bin Abi Umayyah went forth, dressed in a robe, made seven rounds around the Ka'bah, then turned to the people and said in a loud voice, "O People of Makkah! Do we eat food and wear clothes, whilst Banu Hashim are perishing? They are not able to buy or sell! By Allah, I will not sit until this oppressive declaration is torn apart!" Upon hearing this, Abu Jahl who was sitting with his companions screamed and said, "You have lied! By Allah, it will not be torn apart!" Then Za'mah bin al-Aswad stood up and said in loud voice, "Rather, you are by Allah guiltier of lying! We were not pleased at the declaration when it was written." Abu Jahl turned to him to respond, but suddenly, al-Bakhtari 314 Untie the bundle 44 also stood up and said, "Za'mah is right. We are not pleased with the declaration nor do we agree with it." Abu Jahl then turned to al-Bakhtari, only to see al-Mut'im bin `Adiy blaring, "The two of you have spoken the truth and whoever says otherwise has lied! We free ourselves in front of Allah from this declaration and whatever is written therein!" Then Hisham bin `Amr stood up and said the same. Abu Jahl became surprised. He stood silently for a while and then said, "This was planned overnight and decided elsewhere." Al-Mut'im bin `Adiy then went to the Ka'bah to tear up the declaration, only to find it already eaten up by an insect.The only words written therein were, "In your Name, O Allah!" Be clever... The experienced doctor feels the body with his hands and only then chooses an appropriate place to inject the needl...
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