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the young man remained silent and it was quite clear

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Unformatted text preview: Prophet and the Quraysh kept going back and forth until Suhayl bin `Amr came and drew a pact with the Prophet that he return to Madinah for now and return the following year for `Umrah. They then wrote a general pact in which Suhayl stipulated that no weak Muslim would leave Makkah for Madinah except that he was to be returned, but as for the one who leaves Madinah for Makkah as an apostate, then he would be welcome in Makkah. 526 Help by your speech if you cannot do so in any other way 81 The Muslims said, "SubhanAllah! If a Muslim comes to us we return him to the pagans? How can we return him to the pagans when he has come to us having embraced Islam?" While they were discussing, there came to them a young man in the heat of the desert and locked up in chains who shouted, "O Messenger of Allah!" The people looked at him to discover that he was Abu Jandal, the son of Suhayl bin `Amr, who had accepted Islam and was consequently tortured by his father. When he heard about the Muslims' arrival, he escaped from his imprisonment and came dragging his chains as his blood was pouring from his wounds and tears were pouring out of his eyes. He threw his exhausted body in front of the Prophet as the Muslims watched. When Suhayl saw this, he was furious at the thought of his escape from imprisonment! He then shouted at the top of his voice, "This man, O Muhammad, is the first person I demand that you send back to me!" The Prophet said, "We haven't finalised the pact, yet." Suhayl said, "In that case, by Allah, I will not sign any pact with you!" The Prophet said, "Then allow me to take him." He said, "I will not allow you to take him." The Prophet said, "Indeed, you will!" He said, "No, I will not!" The Prophet then remained silent. He was very eager to bring Quraysh closer to Islam however much he could. He did 527 Help by your speech if you cannot do so in any other way 81 not wish that one Muslim's pli...
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