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they prayed for him and left on their way home they

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Unformatted text preview: still in the very early stages of Da`wah, having recently graduated from university. I remained silent and did not move my lips. I smiled as the first one spoke. When the second spoke, I looked at him and also smiled, and the same went for the third. Some of the youths at the far end of the mosque were laughing. Some of them stood up to see what was happening, as if they were saying to me, "The Shaykh's donkey is stuck behind the barrier!", an idiom used for a man who falls into a problem and finds it difficult to get out of it. When they saw that I remained calm, they calmed down themselves. Then one of them stood up and said, "People! Allow the Shaykh to explain what he meant!" The people became silent, and I thanked the man for what he did. I then apologised and praised them, as well as their daughters, and explained what I had meant. When you deal with people, in reality you are creating your own personality. You are the one drawing the image that they have of you in their minds. Based on this impression, they decide how to deal with you, and whether to respect you or not. Make sure that the tree is firmly grounded and is not uprooted by the winds, no matter how strong they may be. Just an hour of patience will result in victory. The more intelligent you become, the less ignorant you are. The more your worth increases, the less angry you become. Just like the seas that are not moved by anything. Be like a mountain and no wind will ever shake you! 338 Be a mountain 49 In fact, if ever a person aggravates you in a gathering, or a house, or a satellite TV channel, or a lecture, and you remain calm and not get angry or excited, the people will incline towards you and turn against him. Abu Sufyan bin Harb was coming back to Makkah with a caravan carrying merchandise from Syria.The Muslims found out and marched forth to fight him.Abu Sufyan fled with his caravan and sent a message to Quraysh informing them thereof. Quraysh emerged with a huge army and there took place the battle of...
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