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Unformatted text preview: what happened..." The Prophet drank some and then handed over the utensil to al-Miqdad. Al-Miqdad said, "Drink, O Messenger of Allah..." He drank and gave it to al-Miqdad, but he said again, "Drink, O Messenger of Allah!" Al-Miqdad then completed the story and said, "When I realised that the Prophet's thirst had been quenched, and that I was therefore worthy of being blessed by his prayer: `O Allah! Quench the thirst of whoever quenches mine, and feed whoever feeds me', I laughed so much that I fell on the floor!" 470 Forgiving others 72 Upon seeing this, the Prophet said, "What did you do wrong?" He said, "O Messenger of Allah, you returned late today, and I was still hungry. I thought to myself that perhaps the Messenger of Allah had something to eat whilst visiting some Ansar..." He related to him the full story, including the fact that the goats were milked twice in one evening very unusually. Even the Prophet became amazed as to how can the goats' udders became full so quickly, for it is impossible for a goat to be milked twice in an evening! The Prophet said, "This was only due to Allah's mercy. If you were to have informed me of this before I finished the milk, perhaps you could have awoken your two friends to share in this, too." Al-Miqdad said, "I swear by the one who has sent you with the truth, so long as you are a recipient of Allah's mercy and I have a share in that, I don't care whoever receives Allah's mercy after us!" Point of view... Life is all about give and take, so give more than you take. 471 (73) Generosity The Prophet once asked a people, "Who is your leader?" They said, "Our leader is so and on, although we consider him to be stingy!" He said, "What disease is worse than stinginess? Rather, your leader is so-and-so with the white complexion and curly hair!" This was part of a conversation that took place between a tribe and the Messenger of Allah . When they embraced Islam, the Prophet...
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