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they said indeed all thanks and praise belong to

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Unformatted text preview: ly period of the prophethood, there were those who accepted Islam and those who rejected it. There was a man in Madinah known as Suwayd bin as-Samit. He was a noble man amongst his people and considered a very intelligent poet. He had memorised many quotes of wise men, so much so that it was said that he had memorised everything that has been related from Luqman the wise. On account of this, people used to refer to him as al-Kamil (i.e. the complete man) due to his excellent poetry, nobility and lineage. One day, Suwayd bin al-Samit came to Makkah to either perform Hajj or `Umrah. News of his arrival spread amongst the people and everyone wanted to see him. When the Prophet heard about him, he visited him and called him to Allah and Islam. He began to discuss with him monotheism and the message of Islam, and informed him that he was a prophet who had received the Qur'an in revelation, and that this Qur'an was the word of 507 The key 78 Allah containing admonitions and laws. Suwayd said to him, "Perhaps what you have is similar to what I have?" The Messenger of Allah said, "What do you have?" He said, "I have the wisdom of Luqman." The Prophet , upon hearing this, did not scold or belittle him, even though he was comparing Allah's speech to that of a man. He was instead gentle with him. The Prophet said, "Let me hear some." Suwayd then began to read whatever he remembered of Luqman's wisdom, whilst the Prophet listened to him attentively. When Suwayd finished, the Prophet said to him, "This is very good." He then said, in order to get Suwayd more interested, "What I have is even better. It is the Qur'an which Allah has revealed. It is all guidance and light." The Prophet then recited the Qur'an to him and called him to accept Islam as Suwayd listened attentively. When the Prophet had finished talking, it was obvious that Suwayd was greatly affected by it. He said, "This is very good." Suwayd then parted from the Prophet after being greatly affected by what he had heard. Thereafter, he left for...
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