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they then wrote the well known pledge of al

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Unformatted text preview: animal sacrifice. Drive the sacrificial animals in full view of him so that he can see them." When he saw the sacrificial animals and realised that they had been brought all the way to Makkah to be sacrificed at the Ka'bah, he became worried. He didn't even meet the Prophet , for how could he have even thought of preventing them when they had so obviously come solely to perform `Umrah. He therefore returned immediately to the Quraysh and told them his opinion frankly. The Quraysh said, "Sit down! You are simply a nomad Arab. You have no idea regarding plots and conspiracies." Al-Halis became angry and said, "O Quraysh! By Allah, this is not what we pledged allegiance to you upon. Are you going to prevent someone who comes to honour the House of Allah? By the One who has the soul of al-Halis in His Hand, you must allow Muhammad to perform `Umrah, or I will leave along with 133 People are like the minerals of the earth 20 all of my tribe!" They said, "Refrain! Let us decide for ourselves what we wish!" They then decided to send an honourable person from Quraysh, so they chose `Urwah bin Mas`ud at-Thaqafi. He said, "O Quraysh, I have seen the response given to you by some of those you have already sent. You know that you are like the father and I am the son." They said, "You are correct. We cannot accuse you of anything." `Urwah was one of the leaders amongst his people who was much honoured and respected. He went to the Prophet and said, "O Muhammad! You have gathered all these people and returned to your birthplace. The Quraysh have come out and pledged to Allah that you will not enter Makkah by force against their will. By Allah, all these people around you may well desert you!" Abu Bakr was standing behind the Prophet . When he heard this, he said, "Go and suck on the clitoris of al-Laat! Would we desert him?" `Urwah being a leader of his people was shocked at the response, for he was not used to such language. However, he needed a do...
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