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this evil man continued to threaten and make

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Unformatted text preview: u are a man with traits of preIslamic ignorance." He asked, "Even when I am this old?" The Prophet replied, "Yes." The Prophet then taught him the manner in which he should deal with those who may be seen as below his social status, saying, "They are only your brothers. Allah has placed them in your care. And whoever Allah places in one's care then let him feed him with what he eats himself, clothe him with what he clothes himself. Let him not overburden him with that which he cannot bear. And if he does overburden him, then let him lend him a hand." What did Abu Dharr do then? Abu Dharr went to see Bilal and apologised. He sat on the ground in front of Bilal and he became closer to the ground until he rested his cheek on the dust, and said, "O Bilal! Put your foot on my cheek!" (Muslim) This is how eager the Companions were to set out the flames of enmity before they became strong, and even if they became strong, they would do their best to prevent them from spreading. A disagreement took place between Abu Bakr and `Umar, where Abu Bakr made `Umar angry. `Umar went away from Abu Bakr in a state of anger. When Abu Bakr saw this, he regretted it and feared that the situation may exacerbate.Thus he went after 295 Admit your faults and do not be arrogant... 42 `Umar saying, "Forgive me, O `Umar!" But `Umar refused to turn to him. Abu Bakr kept apologising and following `Umar until he reached his home and shut the door in Abu Bakr's face. Upon this, Abu Bakr went to the Messenger of Allah . When the Prophet saw him coming from afar, he noticed something different about him and said, "This Companion of ours seems to be in trouble." Abu Bakr sat down quietly, and it wasn't long until `Umar also regretted his mistake. May Allah be pleased with them all! How pure were their hearts! `Umar headed to the Prophet's gathering, greeted everyone and sat down next to the Prophet and told him the story, along with how he turned away from Abu Bakr and did not accep...
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