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this was the end of the long story about the eleven

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Unformatted text preview: uot;Help." Thereupon, the Companions would become more excited and joyous and feel that the Prophet was actually with them. When night came upon them, the weather became severely cold and they continued to dig, the Messenger of Allah went out to them and saw them digging joyfully. Upon seeing the Messenger of Allah they sang: We are those who have pledged our oaths to Muhammad That we will remain on Jihad for as long as we live! 365 Between the living and the dead 54 He said to them in response, "O Allah, the only life is that of the Hereafter, so forgive the Ansar and the Muhajirun." And so he would continue to respond to their emotions throughout the days. Once he heard them singing, whilst completely covered in dust: "By Allah, if it wasn't for Him we would not have been guided We would not have given charity nor prayed So send tranquillity upon us And make our feet firm in the battle Indeed these people have oppressed us But never shall we yield if they try to bring affliction upon us. The Prophet would also sing with them saying, "never shall we yield... never shall we yield..." in response to their feelings. Whenever anyone joked with Prophet he would respond by laughing or smiling. Once `Umar bin al-Khattab came to the Prophet whilst he was angry with his wives, since they were demanding more stipends. `Umar may Allah be pleased with him thought to himself, "I am going to make the Messenger of Allah laugh!" He said, "O Messenger of Allah, if you recall us when we were men of Quraysh, we always had our women under control. If any of our women were to ask one of us for more stipend, he would have jumped up and grabbed her neck! But when we 366 Between the living and the dead 54 came to Madinah, we found that it was the women keeping their men under control. So our women began to learn these tricks from their women!" Thereupon the Prophet smiled. `Umar continued to speak and the Prophet continued to smile. You read in ahadith that often...
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