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thus we accompanied each other until we entered

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Unformatted text preview: y to fight the Messenger of Allah or ambush him. When the Prophet came to al-Hudaybiyyah with the Muslims with the intention of performing `Umrah, Khalid along with other pagan knights set out and met the Prophet and his Companions at a place called `Asfaan. Khalid stood close to them just waiting for an opportunity to attack the Messenger of Allah with an arrow or a sword. Thus, he began to wait for an ambush. The Prophet prayed the dawn prayers with his Companions as the enemies watched. They wanted to attack him, but they did not find it feasible.The Prophet realised their intent and therefore prayed the `Asr prayer with his Companions as the prayer of fear; meaning, he grouped his Companions into two. A group prayed with him whilst the other group stood guard. This really affected Khalid and his Companions. He said to himself, "The man has been prevented from us", meaning, there are those who would protect him and defend him against harm. Then the Prophet , along with his Companions, departed taking a route on the right in order to avoid Khalid and his companions. He reached al-Hudaybiyyah, signed a treaty with the Quraysh that he would perform `Umrah next year, and returned to Madinah. Khalid noticed that that Quraysh were becoming weaker and weaker as days went by. He thought to himself, "What is left? Where shall I go? To Negus? I cannot, because even he follows Muhammad, whose followers are living under his protection. Perhaps, I should go to Heraclius? No. How can I leave my faith 218 Hold the stick from the middle 33 for Christianity, or Judaism, and live amongst non-Arabs?" Whilst Khalid was contemplating what to do, as the days and months passed him by until a whole year had elapsed, there came the opportunity for the Muslims to perform `Umrah. Thus, they headed for Makkah. The Prophet entered Makkah, but Khalid was not able to bear seeing the Muslims in a state of Ihram. He left Makkah and disappeared for four days - the days the Prophet spent in Makkah.The Prophet performed his `Umra...
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