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utbah got up and went to the messenger of allah he

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Unformatted text preview: from me now?" The man's complexion changed. He became frightened and began to beg for mercy. He said, "No one will protect me now! Please treat me well!" The Prophet said, "Do you accept Islam?" He said, "No, I will not, but I shall not ally with anyone you are fighting against!" The Prophet forgave him and treated him well. The man 70 With adversaries 13 was a leader among his people, so he went back and called them to Islam, and they all accepted. Yes, be good to others, thereby capturing their hearts. In fact, even with his sworn enemies, he would be of immaculate character, due to which he would win them over, guide their hearts and cleanse them of disbelief. When the Prophet began to call the people to Islam publicly, Quraysh began to resist him even more severely. One of the things the Quraysh did was to discuss among themselves what to do about the Prophet's call and the speed at which people were accepting his faith. They said, "Look for the most expert among you in magic, soothsaying and poetry, and let him approach the man who split our ranks, disunited us and insulted our religion. Let him converse with him and see what he says." They said, "We cannot think of anyone except `Utbah bin Rabi`ah." They said to `Utbah, "You are the one, O Abu'l-Walid!" `Utbah was a very forbearing person. He said, "O Quraysh, do you want me to go and speak to him, and perhaps make him some offers he might accept?" They said, "Yes, O Abul-Walid." `Utbah got up and went to the Messenger of Allah . He found him sitting tranquilly. `Utbah came up to him and said, "O Muhammad! Who is better, you or `Abdullah?" The Prophet remained silent in honour of his father. He said, "Who is better, you or `Abd al-Muttalib?" He remained silent in respect for his grandfather. `Utbah said, "If you think that they were better than you, 71 With adversaries 13 then how did they worship the gods you have insulted? And if...
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