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when he sees his children he says mashaallah they

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Unformatted text preview: ate question, just say to him that the Prophet said, `From the excellence of one's Islam is to leave that which does not concern him.'" I repeated to him the Hadith until he had memorised it. `Abd ar-Rahman and his brother then sat in the car with this young man. `Abd ar-Rahman was at the time both very tense and respectful. The young man said out of kindness, "May Allah prolong your life, O `Abd ar-Rahman!" `Abd ar-Rahman replied, "May Allah prolong your life, too!" The poor young man wanted to lighten up the atmosphere a bit, so he said, "Is the Shaykh delivering any lecture today?" `Abd ar-Rahman tried to remember the Hadith, but his memory did not help him, so he yelled, "Do not interfere in things that do not concern you!" The young man said, "I mean, I would just like to attend his lecture and benefit." `Abd ar-Rahman then thought that he was trying to be clever, so he repeated the same response, `"Do not interfere in things that do not concern you." The young man then said, "I am sorry, `Abd al-Rahman. But what I mean is...", but `Abd ar-Rahman again 194 Do not interfere in matters that do not concern you 29 shouted, "No! Do not interfere in that which does not concern you!" They remained on these terms until I returned. `Abd arRahman then informed me of the entire story with pride, so I laughed and had to explain the concept to him once again. Workshop... Struggling against yourself to free yourself from interfering in others' affairs is exhausting in the beginning, but easy in the end. 195 (30) How to deal with a meddlesome person At times, some people may grab your phone without your permission and begin to read your text messages. One of my friends was invited to a wedding party of a judge, and nearly all the invitees were renowned scholars. My friend sat amongst them engaged in deep conversation. Meanwhile, the presence of a mobile phone in his pocket really bothered him, so he decided to t...
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