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when the food supply stopped reaching a hundred

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Unformatted text preview: (far) astray." Yes! Do not commit yourself to anything unless you are sure that you are able to deliver, with Allah's aid. One day the Prophet was delivering a sermon. During it, he spoke about the Last Day and what will happen therein. He then raised his voice and said, "O Fatimah, the daughter of Muhammad! Ask of my wealth whatever you like, for I will be of no help to you when you deal with Allah!" Lastly, having emphasised that one should not commit himself unless he is sure he can deliver, it is also important that we excuse ourselves in an appropriate manner. For instance, if a man comes to you asking your help in finding his brother a job because either you, your father, or your brother happens to be a well-known person, and you feel that you cannot deliver, then excuse yourself in a way in which he can preserve his honour, where he feels that you share his agony. For example, you can say to him, "Dear brother, I feel your suffering. I consider your brother as my own. If I have five brothers, then he surely is the sixth. However, the problem is that I cannot do anything at the moment. So please excuse me, although I do pray to Allah that He helps him." You should say this with a gentle smile and the right facial expressions, as if by responding to him in this manner, you have already delivered what he needed, isn't that so? 426 Who kicked the cat? 63 A point of view... Be straightforward with yourself and bold with people. Know your own abilities and keep to your limits. 427 (64) Humbleness I was in a gathering with a few elite people. One of them, who saw himself self-sufficient, began to speak, during which he said, "I passed by a worker and he extended his hand to shake my hand. I hesitated a little, but then shook his hand." He then said with all pride, "Although, I do not tend to shake hands with anyone and everyone!" MashaaAllah! He said, "I do not shake hands with anyone or everyone!" As for the Messenger of Allah , then a weak slave-girl would meet him on his way and complain of her owners' oppression and the...
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