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Unformatted text preview: ple's personalities is noticeable by analysing the way they react to the various stories or incidents that are related to them. One can carry out this experiment himself: Try relating a sad story to a group of people and see how differently people react. I recall delivering a Friday sermon once wherein I mentioned the story of `Umar's assassination. When I came to the part where Abu Lu'lu' the Magian stabbed `Umar, I said in a loud voice, "Suddenly, Abu Lu'lu' jumped at `Umar and stabbed him three times! The first stab hacked his chest. The second went into his stomach. Then, with all his strength, he thrust his sword into `Umar below his navel and dragged the knife across his body until his intestines emerged." I noticed that the people varied in their reaction to my words: Some closed their eyes as if they were witnessing the murder taking place in front of them. Others wept. Others showed no reaction at all, as if they were listening to a bedtime story. You would witness a similar mixed reaction if you were to relate the story of Hamzah when he was killed in Uhud; how his stomach was cut open, his liver taken out, his ears cut off, and his nose mutilated, Hamzah, being the master of the martyrs and the lion of Allah and His Messenger . 136 People are like the minerals of the earth 20 Another lesson that I have learnt from my life is that one will almost inevitably come across a person who is uncouth and ignorant. Neither can such a person articulate himself appropriately, nor is he courteous to his audience. I recall such a person sitting in a public gathering where he decided to relate an incident involving a shopkeeper. As he related the story he said, "This shopkeeper was huge, like a donkey!" He then said, "He looked like Khalid!' while pointing at the person next to him! I have no idea how he managed to liken poor Khalid to a donkey! Before ending this chapter, an important question must be answered: Can one change his own personality to suit that...
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