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yes i said he said what do you have i said camels

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Unformatted text preview: n perform is to make peace between people, such as your quarrelling colleagues, neighbours, or a husband and wife. The Prophet said, "Shall I not inform you of a station better than praying, fasting and giving in charity?" People said, "Please, do." He replied, "To make peace between people, and to cause enmity between people is what erodes things." Also from the secret acts of worship you can perform is 433 To worship in secret 65 to remember Allah much, for whoever loves something always remembers it. The Prophet said in a hadeeth, "Shall I tell you about the best of deeds, the most pure in the sight of your Lord, and the one that is of the highest order and far better for you than spending gold and silver (in charity)? It is even better for you than meeting your enemies on the battlefield where you strike at their necks and they at yours?" The Companions replied, "Yes, O Messenger of Allah! What is it?" The Prophet said, "Remembrance of Allah." Also from the secret acts of worship you can perform is to give charity in secret, for to give charity in secret extinguishes Allah's anger. Whenever Abu Bakr may Allah be pleased with him prayed Fajr, he would then go out into the desert to collect something before returning to Madinah. `Umar may Allah be pleased with him would be surprised as to why he would leave, so he decided one day to follow him secretly. After Fajr that day, he saw Abu Bakr leaving Madinah and arriving at an old tent in the desert. `Umar hid behind a huge rock to see what was about to happen. Abu Bakr spent very little time in the tent and then left. `Umar then emerged from behind the rock and entered the tent to find a weak and blind woman with small children. `Umar asked her, "Who is this person who comes to you?" She said, "I don't know him. He is just an ordinary Muslim man. He has been coming to us every morning since such-and- 434 To worship in secret 65 such a time." `Umar said, "So what does he do for you?" She replied, "He cleans the house, prepares the dough, milks our animals, and then leaves." `Umar then left, saying to...
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