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followed by your counter arguments if he was

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Unformatted text preview: Maghafir on you!" He said, "No. I only had some honey to drink. But I won't drink it, again." He then went to `A'ishah and she said the same to him. Days went by and Allah finally revealed the secret to the Prophet . After a few days, the Prophet informed Hafsah of a matter in confidence but she betrayed the confidentiality. He visited her one day whilst she had a guest known as ash-Shifa' bint `Abdullah. She was a female Companion and a medical student who used to treat patients. The Prophet wanted to bring her attention to her mistake by approaching the issue indirectly, in order to be gentle with her. What did he do? He said to ash-Shifa', "Wouldn't you teach her the `incantation of the ants the way you taught her to write?" The `incantation of the ants' is what Arab women used to repeat, and everyone knew that it neither harms nor benefits. The incantation as known amongst the women was composed of the following: "The bride celebrates, dyes, applies kohl and does everything else, except that she does not disobey her husband" The Prophet wanted to indirectly teach Hafsah a lesson by repeating, "...except that she does not disobey her husband." How beautiful is this approach towards correcting others' mistakes that leaves love intact in people's hearts, unshaken by errors and unpolluted by excessive offers of advice! 380 Make your tongue sweet 55 A man borrowed a book from one of the early predecessors. When he returned the book after a few days, it had foodstains on it, as if it had been used to carry bread or grapes. The owner of the book remained silent. After a few days, the same man came to him to borrow another book. He gave him the book in a plate.The man said, "I only want the book.Why are you giving me a plate?" He replied, `The book is for you to read, and the plate is for you to carry food in!" He took the book and went, having learnt the lesson. I recall a person who used to go home late at night and take his shirt off, hang it on...
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