Enjoy Your Life

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Unformatted text preview: that they have, and make them feel that their evil has not made you forget their good. This will bring them closer to you. Art... Before you begin to uproot the `tree of evil' in others, look for the `tree of good' and water it... 343 (51) If what you desire does not happen, then desire that which does If you are obliged to do something or forced into a situation then you might as well enjoy it!. This is what I used to say to a young man who had diabetes. He used to drink tea without sugar and feel sorry for himself. I would say to him,"When you feel sorry and sad while drinking your tea, does the bitterness turn into sweetness?" "No", he replied. I said, "Then, so long as you are forced in to a situation, enjoy it." What I mean here is that the world is not always as we wish it to be, and this happens frequently in our lives. Perhaps your car is old, its air conditioner is not working and the seat covers are all torn. At present, you are not able to replace the car.What then is the solution? So long as you are bound by this situation, just continue to enjoy your life. You apply for a seat in a particular department in the university, but your application is only accepted by a department in which you do not want to study.You try to change your predicament, but you can not. You end up having to study for 3 years in a department that was not your choice. What should you do? 344 If what you desire does not happen, then desire that which does 51 Enjoy! You propose to a girl but she refuses and marries someone else. What is the solution? This is a situation that can not be changed so just enjoy it! Many people think the solution is permanent depression, or grumbling over the situation, or excessive complaining to those they know and those they don't! This does not help them acquire the provision they have missed out on, or gain provision that is not meant to be for them. So what then is the solution? If what you desire does not happen, then desire that which h...
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