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he would reply well my father is ill so i cannot then

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Unformatted text preview: e, such that no one speaks to me ever, nor prays over me upon my death. "So, whilst I was in that state, I heard the voice of a person on Mount Sala', shouting at the top of his voice: `O Ka`b bin Malik! Glad tidings for you!' I fell into prostration and realised that relief had at last arrived from Allah. There came to me a man on a horse, whilst another man was shouting from the top of the mountain, and his voice reached me more swiftly than the horse. "When the man whose voice I heard finally came to me to 163 Be concerned about others 24 give me the good news, I took off my two garments and gave them to the men. By Allah, I didn't have any other garments, so I borrowed two others, wore them and set out to see the Messenger of Allah may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him. The people came to meet me in droves, congratulating me on the acceptance of my repentance, saying: `Congratulations that your repentance has been accepted!' I entered the mosque and found the Messenger of Allah sitting with his Companions. "When they all saw me, by Allah, none stood for me except Talhah bin Ubaydullah. He stood up, hugged and congratulated me, then sat down again. By Allah, I will never forget Talhah's action! I kept on walking until I reached the Messenger of Allah and greeted him. I noticed that his face was radiant with happiness. Whenever he became happy, his face would become radiant, as if it were part of the moon. When he saw me, he said: `Glad tidings to you for the best day you have witnessed since your mother gave birth to you!' I said: `Is this favour from you, or Allah?' He replied: `It is from Allah.' Then he recited the verses. I sat down in front of him and said: `O Messenger of Allah! As part of my repentance, I should give the sum total of my wealth in charity for Allah and His Messenger.' He said in response: `Keep some of your wealth, for that is better for you.' I said: `O Messenger of Allah, Allah only saved me for being truthful, and a part of my repentance should be to always speak the truth as long as I live.'" Yes, Allah accepte...
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