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meaning are you doubting my shariah he then said i

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Unformatted text preview: ned to the disbelievers to help them and began to cause mischief and disorder in Madinah, whilst the Muslims were busy guarding the city at the trenches. The days passed with great difficulty until Allah sent wind and His hidden army against the disbelievers that tore their army apart. They turned back in failure, dragging their belongings back with them in the darkness of the night. When the Messenger of Allah woke up the next morning, he departed from the trenches for Madinah. The Muslims put their weapons down and returned home. The Messenger of Allah entered his home, put his weapons down and took a bath. When the time for Dhuhr prayer entered, Jibril came and called the Messenger of Allah from outside his house. The Messenger of Allah instantly stood up in fear. Jibril said to him, "Have you put down your weapons, O Messenger of Allah?" "Yes", the Prophet replied. Jibril said, "The angels have not yet put down their weapons. I have just come back, having chased them away. We chased them until we reached Hamra al-Asad", meaning, they chased the Quraysh away when they left Madinah for Makkah. The angels were following them and chasing them away from Madinah. Jibreel then said, "Allah has ordered you to head for Banu 350 We can disagree and still be brothers! 52 Quraydhah, for I am heading towards them to shake the earth beneath them." The Messenger of Allah then ordered a man to make an announcement, "Whosoever hears and obeys, let him not pray the `Asr prayer except in Banu Quraydhah." The men dashed to grab their weapons, they heard and obeyed and went to the dwellings of Banu Quraydhah, but as they were on their way, the time for `Asr prayer entered upon them. Some of them said, "We will not pray `Asr except in Banu Quraydhah's dwellings." Others argued, "Rather, we will pray now, for this wasn't what the Prophet meant. He only wanted us to hurry." They prayed `Asr and continued with their journey, while others delayed the pr...
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