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notice the vague expression he did not say what is

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Unformatted text preview: pkeeper, "Do you have mangoes?" The shopkeeper says, "No. We only have them during the summer." He says, "OK. Do you have watermelon, then?" The shopkeeper replies, "No." His complexion then changes. He says, "You don't have anything here! Why did you even bother opening up a shop?" and 199 Do not criticise! 31 leaves the shop. He forgets that the shop has more than forty other types of fruit. No doubt, some people bother you by their frequent criticisms. Nothing seems to please them in the world. They cannot notice, in a delicious meal, except a strand of hair that mistakenly dropped therein. They cannot notice in a clean garment except a drop of ink that affected it by error. Neither can they notice in a beneficial book except an innocent printing error. Hence, none seems to be saved from their criticisms. They always have comments to pass.These people scrutinise everything, be it great or small. I know a person, who was a colleague of mine during our secondary education and university days, and our relationship to this day continues, except that I do not remember him ever making a positive comment about anything. I asked him about a book I wrote, which was praised by many people, and of which hundreds of thousands of copies were printed, and he coldly replied, "Well, it is ok, but it has an inappropriate story. I didn't like the font size, either. The print quality is also poor", and so on. I asked him once about someone's performance in the Friday sermon, and he did not seem to mention anything positive, until he became more burdensome for me than a mountain. I then wouldn't ask him for his opinion with respect to anything, because I already knew it would be negative. You can say the same about someone who expects everyone to be exemplary, thus, he expects his wife to keep the house 100% clean twenty-four hours a day. He also expects his wife to 200 Do not criticise! 31 keep the children nice and clean all day. If he...
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