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Unformatted text preview: yiz's knee once again. Fayiz would then stretch out his hands and grab hold of the translator's hand and touch it in particular ways to convey his message. The people remained seated, watching Fayiz and the translator communicating with amazement. Fayiz was encouraging the audience to repent to Allah for their sins. He would at times hold his ears, then his tongue, and then place his hands over his eyes. We would not understand what he meant until Abu `Abdullah translated for us. He was advising the people to guard their ears and eyes lest they fall into the forbidden. As I looked at the people, I noticed some people sigh, "SubhanAllah", others whispered to the person sitting next to them, others were watching with great interest and still others were crying. As for me, mind had wandered off very far indeed. I began to contemplate on the faculties Fayiz had in comparison to what the audience were blessed with, and contrasted that with Fayiz's services for the religion in comparison to that of the audience. Surely the concern that this blind, deaf and dumb person had for Islam was greater than the concern in the hearts of all the audience combined! 494 The tongue is king 76 Although the man had a very limited number of faculties, he was exhausting himself in service to this religion. He felt as if he was a soldier of Islam, responsible for anyone who sinned or fell short. He was constantly moving his hand, as if he was admonishing, "For how much longer will you abandon the prayer? For how much longer will you continue to look at the Haram? For how much longer will you continue with your disgraceful acts? For how much longer will you continue to consume Haram? For how much longer will you continue upon Shirk? For how much longer? Is it not enough that its enemies are waging a war against our religion? Why do you have to join the war against our religion?" The poor man's complexion would often change as he shared what he had in his heart with the au...
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