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140 muawiyahs hair 21 so write the questions down

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Unformatted text preview: of the one he is interacting with? The answer is:Yes! `Umar may Allah be pleased with him was known for his strong personality. One day, a man quarrelled with his wife and came to `Umar to ask him advice on how to deal with her.When he stood at `Umar's door and was about to knock, he heard `Umar's wife shouting at him while `Umar remained silent. He neither shouted back, nor rebuked her! The man was amazed, and turned back to leave. `Umar heard a noise at the door, so he went out and called the man, "What do you need?" He said, "O Amir al-Mu'minin, I came to you to complain about my wife, but then I heard your wife shouting at you!" `Umar said, "She is my wife who sleeps with me, makes me food and washes my clothes. Shall I not be patient with her?" 137 People are like the minerals of the earth 20 For some people there is no solution, and with them one must remain patient. A person may complain to me about his father's anger or his wife's miserliness, and so on. I would suggest a few solutions only to hear he has tried all of them and has had no success! What then is the solution? The solution is that one should remain patient with such people and try to ignore their bad traits in light of their virtues. They should try to accommodate them however much they can, for some problems simply have no solution. The result... Knowing the personality of the one you are dealing with helps you earn his love. 138 (21) Mu'awiyah's hair A teacher once worked in a secondary school. In one of his lessons, he noticed that some students were being negligent and lagging behind in their revision, so he decided to teach them a lesson. After a few days, when he entered the classroom, and as soon as he sat down, he stunned the students by saying, "Everyone, please put your books away and take out a paper and pen!" "Why?" asked the pupils. "You have a surprise exam!" he said. The pupils grumbled as they complied, but one not-so-bright, large-bodied student who was a known troublemaker shouted, "Teacher, we don't want an...
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