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206 32 do not be dictatorial compare between three

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Unformatted text preview: he drinks. After he is finished, he says, "The water was quite warm." He then turns to the air conditioner and says, "Your air conditioner does not seem to work!", and begins to complain about the heat. Wouldn't you feel that this person is very burdensome, and wish that he leaves and never returns? People dislike too much criticism. However, if you really do need to criticise, then package it well and then present it with kindness to others. Present it as if it were a suggestion, rather than a criticism. Present it indirectly, or using vague expressions. If the Messenger of Allah ever noticed a person making a mistake, he would not confront him directly. Rather, he would say, "What is wrong with the people, who do such-and-such?" which would indirectly imply, "I mean by that you, dear neighbour, so please pay attention!" Once upon a time, three zealous young men travelled to 202 Do not criticise! 31 Madinah, wanting to know how exactly the Prophet worshipped and offered his prayers. They asked the wives of the Prophet what he would do in private. His wives then informed them that sometimes he would fast and at other times he would not. He would also sleep for a part of the night and pray in the other part. They then said to each other, "But this is the Messenger of Allah whose past sins Allah has forgiven." Then each of them made a decision. One of them said,"I will not get married. I will remain a bachelor and therefore, I will be free for worship." Another said, "I will always fast, every day." The third one said, "I will not sleep at night. I will pray all night long." When news of this reached the Prophet may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him - he stood on his pulpit, praised Allah and glorified him, and then said, "What is wrong with the people?", notice the vague expression. He did not say, "What is wrong with so-and-so?" Rather, he said, "What is wrong with the people that they say, such-and such? Yet, I pray and go to sleep. I fast and sometimes I do not. I also marry women.Whoever turns away from my...
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