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Unformatted text preview: r greatest tribes. They decided to speak to the Prophet in order to lighten the sentence by giving her another punishment, such as lashing or a fine, etc. Each time a person came to discuss with the Messenger of Allah about this issue, he returned unsuccessfully. They decided that no one would dare to speak to the Messenger of Allah except Usamah bin Zayd, the most beloved person to the Messenger of Allah and the son of the most beloved to him, for both he and his father were brought up in the house of the Prophet , such that he considered them his sons. Thus, they spoke to Usamah. Usamah came to the Messenger of Allah . The Prophet welcomed him and sat with him. Usamah began to speak to the Prophet about lightening the sentence. He argued that the woman was from the most noble of people. Usamah continued to speak as the Prophet listened, trying to convince the Prophet of his view. The Prophet looked at Usamah as he was discussing and debating with all conviction, not knowing that what he was asking for was actually not possible! The Prophet's complexion changed and he became angry. The first thing he did was to explain to him his error, saying "Are you interceding with me to violate one of the legal punishments of Allah?" He was explaining the reason behind his anger towards Usamah, and that none may intercede with regards to Allah's legal punishments which He has obligated upon His 256 Convince him of his error so he may accept advice 37 servants to implement. Usamah realised his mistake and immediately said to the Prophet , "Seek forgiveness for me, O Messenger of Allah!" When the evening came, the Prophet stood up and addressed the people. He praised Allah as He should be praised and said, "To proceed, the people before you were only destroyed because when a noble person from amongst them stole, they left him, and when a weak person stole, they implemented the legal punishment on him. I swear by the One who has my soul in His Hand, if Fatimah the daughter of Muhammad were to steal, I would cut off her...
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