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336 49 be a mountain during the early days of my

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Unformatted text preview: d an hour until Dhuhr. With me was `Abd al-`Aziz, one of the most prominent preachers in that country.As we sat in the car, I turned to him and said, "Abd al-`Aziz, there is a place I wish to visit, as we have some time." He said, "Where would you like to go? Your friend, Shaykh `Abdullah, has travelled and as for Doctor Ahmad, I phoned him but he didn't respond. Would you like to go to the heritage museum, or...?" "No. In fact, I would like to visit the mental hospital," I said. "The mad people?" he asked in surprise. "Yes, the mad people", I said in response. He laughed and said jokingly, "Why? Perhaps you want to be reassured of your own sanity?" I said, "No. Only to benefit, take lessons and realise Allah's blessings on us." 329 Be content with what Allah has apportioned for you 48 `Abd al-`Aziz remained silent, thinking about their condition. I realised that he was a little upset, because he was quite an emotional person. He took me to the hospital in his car. We arrived at a site that looked like a cave. It was surrounded by trees from all sides. It was noticeably a very depressing environment. We met one of the doctors who welcomed us and took us for a tour of the hospital. The doctor then began to relate to us the suffering of the patients and said, "Hearing about something is not the same as witnessing it yourself." We went passed a passageway where I heard voices coming from different directions.The patient wards were on either sides of the lobby. We went past a room to the right. I looked therein to notice more than ten empty beds, and one on which there was a man lying down, shaking his hands and feet. I turned to the doctor and said, "What is this?" He said, "He is crazy. He gets epilepsy attacks every five to six hours." I said, `There is no power nor might except with Allah! How long has he been like this for?" He said, "For more than ten years." I...
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