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413 do not burden yourself with what you cannot do 62

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Unformatted text preview: d, "Please keep it a secret and do not tell anyone!" Al-Walid went off, met his son `Utbah and told him of the nightmare. 403 Keeping a secret 60 It didn't take long until `Utbah disclosed it to some of his friends, and from there the news began to spread amongst the people of Makkah until it became the subject of discussion in the gatherings of Quraysh. The next morning, al-`Abbas went to the Ka'bah to perform tawaf to find Abu Jahl sitting amongst a group of people from Quraysh under the shade of the Ka'bah, discussing `Atika's nightmare! When Abu Jahl noticed al-"Abbas he said, "O Abu-Fadhl! Please come to us when you have finished your Tawaf." Al-`Abbas became surprised as to why Abu Jahl would like to speak to him. He could not have conceived that he would ask him about `Atika's nightmare. Al-`Abbas performed his tawaf and went off to Abu Jahl's gathering. When he approached them and sat down, Abu Jahl said to him, "O Banu `Abd al-Muttalib, when did you have this new prophetess?" "What do you mean?" asked al-`Abbas. Abu Jahl replied, "I am speaking of the nightmare `Atika had." Al-`Abbas became alarmed and said, "What nightmare did she have?" Abu Jahl said, "O Banu `Abd al-Muttalib! Isn't it enough that your men are claiming Prophethood. It seems that now even your women are doing so! `Atika claims that she saw in a dream a man saying: `March forth in three days!' So we will wait for three days, and if what you say is true, then we will see it happen. But if three days pass by and nothing happens, then we will write 404 Keeping a secret 60 a declaration saying that you are the most untruthful family in speech amongst the Arabs!" Al-`Abbas became worried and did not say anything in response. He also denied knowledge of the nightmare, and denied that she ever saw a dream. They then left the gathering. When al-`Abbas entered his house, every single woman in the Banu `Abd al-Muttalib family came to him in anger saying, "You've allowed this evil and wretched man to insult your men, and now he...
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