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427 64 humbleness i was in a gathering with a few

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Unformatted text preview: e would continuously wait for my call, pin his hopes, and encourage his brother to do the same. I said, "Actually, keep the piece of paper and take my number down, and if you find a job for him then please give me a call. Perhaps, I will write a recommendation letter to the employer for him to be accepted." The man remained silent for a while as I waited for him to say goodbye. I was surprised when he then said to me, "May Allah brighten your face! By Allah, dear Shaykh, I have previously spoken to Prince so-and-so about the matter a year ago. He took the piece of paper and still hasn't called me! Once I spoke to Major General so-and-so, and he too took the piece of paper and didn't call me or even care about me. These people do not care about the weak! Allah will seek revenge from them!" When he began to pray against them, I thought to myself, "Al-Hamdulillah, if I had taken the piece of paper, I would have been the third person to be prayed against!" Yes, to excuse oneself from the outset is to keep one's promise. How excellent it is to be straightforward with people, knowing and acknowledging the limits of what one can do. This does not only apply to people's needs in general, but also to small needs involving the wife or the children. Sometimes, as you leave the house, your wife shouts out, "Please, buy milk, sugar and tonight's dinner!" Be careful and do not keep repeating, "OK, I will", knowing that you are not able to. Rather, you should call out to her, saying, "I cannot", for this is better than making excuses upon your 417 Do not burden yourself with what you cannot do 62 return, such as, "I didn't have time... The shops closed... I forgot..." The same applies to your colleagues and brothers. I hope you get the idea. Experience... Excusing oneself at the outset is far better than excusing oneself at the end. 418 (63) Who kicked the cat? Before you answer this question, read the story in full. A person used to work as a secretary for a very ill-mannered manager...
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