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Unformatted text preview: were captivated by his love and clung to him like the shoes on his feet! What is more amazing is that he neither had a beautiful car to lure them with, nor did he have money to shower them with gifts. He wasn't even gifted with a charming and beautiful face. Rather, I ask Allah that none is ever tested by looking at his face! But his jaws possessed a tongue with which he would mesmerise anyone and anything he spoke to. With his tongue he would captivate girls and put them under a spell. Whoever looks at the life of the Messenger of Allah and history would discover astounding incidents. One day there came to the Messenger of Allah three men who were considered leaders among their people: Qays bin `Asim, al-Zabarqan bin Badr and `Amr bin al-Ahtam. They were all from the tribe of Tamim. They began to praise each other, so al-Zabarqan said, "O Messenger of Allah, I am the leader of Tamim. I am the one who is obeyed and responded to amongst them. I forbid them from oppression and guarantee their rights." He then pointed to the other leader, `Amr bin al-Ahtam and said, "He knows what I am talking about." `Amr then praised him saying, "By Allah, O Messenger of Allah! He is fierce in opposition, defends his flank and is obeyed by his people." `Amr then fell silent and did not praise him more. Al-Zarbaqan was expecting to hear more in praise, but `Amr was rather brief. Al-Zarbaqan became angry since he had wished that he would have been praised slightly more. He thought that he was envious over his leadership, so he said, "By Allah, O Messenger of Allah, he knows what he said, and nothing prevented 516 The magician 80 him from saying more except that he envies me for my leadership!" Thereupon, `Amr became angry and said, "Would I envy you for your leadership? By Allah you are an ignoble uncle who has just acquired some wealth from a stupid father and are the most wasteful in your family! By Allah, O Messenger of Allah, I was truthful in what I said initially, and I have not lied in what I have said to you now. When I was happy, I sa...
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