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558 85 the art of listening the skills of attracting

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Unformatted text preview: of Abu Bakr, arrived on the scene and pushed people away from Abu Bakr. They then carried him on a sheet of cloth and took him home. They thought he had passed away. Banu Taym then returned to the mosque and began to shout, "By Allah, If Abu Bakr dies, we will surely kill `Utbah bin Rabi'ah!" They then returned to Abu Bakr who was unconscious, not knowing whether he was dead or alive. Abu Quhafah, Abu Bakr's father, stood next to Abu Bakr along with his family, trying to speak to him, but he wouldn't respond. His mother was also standing next to him weeping. After a long while, he opened up his eyes, and the first thing he said was,"What happened to the Messenger of Allah?" May Allah have mercy on Abu Bakr! He was full of love for the Messenger of Allah , such that he feared for him more than he feared for his own life. All those around him, including his father, mother and his people, who were all pagans, became angry and began to curse the Messenger of Allah . They then left and told the mother of Abu Bakr to give him something to eat or drink. His mother began to console him as he kept repeating, "What happened to the Messenger of Allah?" She said, "By Allah, I don't know what happened to your friend." He said, "Please, go to Umm Jameel bint al-Khattab and ask her about him." Umm Jameel was a Muslim who would conceal her Islam. His mother visited Umm Jameel and asked,"Abu Bakr is asking about 545 Supplications 82 Muhammad bin `Abdullah. Do you have any news?" She said, "I neither know Abu Bakr nor Muhammad bin `Abdullah, but do you want me to go with you to your son?" `Yes", she replied. She went with her until they approached Abu Bakr. She found him lying on his bed with his face disfigured and his body fatigued. When Umm Jameel saw him, she screamed, "Did the people do this to you only to defend the people of wickedness and disbelief? I really hope Allah exacts revenge from them!" Abu Bakr...
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