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A man came to the prophet and said o messenger of

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Unformatted text preview: e called Mu'tah, only to find them in great numbers, beyond anyone's military might. Abu Hurayrah said, "I witnessed the day of Mu'tah. When we came close to the pagans, we saw what no one could ever overcome, in terms of number, weaponry, beasts, ornaments, silk and gold. My eyes glistened. "Thabit bin Arqam said to me, `You did not witness Badr with us. We do not win by our numbers.''' Then the armies met and fought. Zayd bin Harithah fought with the flag of the Messenger of Allah until his body was sliced by numerous spears, due to which he was slain and martyred may Allah be pleased with him. Ja'far then took the flag with all his valour and attacked the enemy on his fair-haired horse. He took the flag in his right hand until it was cut off. He then took the flag by his left hand until it too was severed. He then embraced the flag, holding it with his upper arms until he was killed. He was only thirty-three years old. Ibn `Umar said, "I came across Ja'far's body that day, and counted fifty stab wounds and cuts, not one of which were on his back. Allah recompensed him for that with two wings in Paradise with which he may fly wherever he wishes. He was also struck by a Roman soldier who cut him in two halves with a sword." When Ja'far was killed, `Abdullah bin Rawahah took up the flag and moved forward on his horse, but slightly hesitated to advance towards the enemies, and said: 268 Do not criticise me! End of story? 38 "O soul! I have sworn that you will fight! You will fight, or you will be forced to fight! When people have assembled and shouted the war cry, Why do I see you hating to enter Paradise?" As he then dismounted from his horse, his cousin came to him with a meaty bone, saying, "Have some of this, for you have suffered much these days." He took it and ate a little, then heard a noise coming from a certain direction. He looked at the bone he was eating and said, "You are still engaged in this world!" He threw down the bone, took his sword, pressed...
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