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Abd ar rahman then said may allah bless you in your

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Unformatted text preview: ture, make sure to make a positive remark about the furniture and the great choice your friend possesses. (However, avoid over-praising, lest it begins to sound as if you are mocking him). If you go to a general gathering and hear someone speaking to those present eloquently, thereby livening the atmosphere and delighting the audience, then praise him. Hold his hand when you get up. Say to him, "Masha Allah, what an amazing orator! Nothing illuminated the gathering except your presence!" The next time you find yourself in the company of such a person, 180 Be observant and complimentary 27 try this out with him and he is almost guaranteed to develop a liking for you. If you witness a son being good to his father - for instance, he kisses his hand, or brings his shoes closer to him for his ease - praise the son and be compimentary. If you meet one wearing a new garment, praise him and be radiant. If you visit your sister and notice how she takes care of her children, praise her joyfully. If you see how your friend takes care of his children or how splendidly he welcomes his guests, be daring, compliment and praise him. Express the admiration you feel in your chest for his actions. If you sit in someone's car or rent a taxi and notice the cleanliness of the car, or the expertise of the driver, then be complimentary and praise him. You may say, "These are all things that people normally do." True, but still, praising them over such things doesn't fail to affect them. I have tried it out myself and tested this skill on a number of people, young and old, ordinary workers and teachers. In fact, I have even tried it with people who work in high positions. I noticed how incredibly they were affected, especially concerning things where people expect others to comment on. You see a groom a week after his wedding who has acquired a degree in higher education and just moved to a new house. No doubt he is expecting you to congratulate and compliment him. Be as people expect you to be do not disappoint him. `Abdul-Majid, my cousin, was a young m...
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