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Abu abdullah brought the microphone close and said

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Unformatted text preview: t;This is for the children!" My children were very happy, as was I, for he made me realise that he liked to make my children happy. One of the predecessors was a poor scholar. His students would give him various gifts, such as dates and flour, every now and then. Whenever a student gave him a gift, the teacher would remain pleasant with him for as long as his gift remained, but when it ran out, he would go back to his previous ways. A student consequently came up with the idea that he should give him a gift which was of a reasonable price and would also last. He therefore gave him a bag of salt as a gift, for salt is cheap and long-lasting as only a very small amount of it is used in food. One bag alone would have sufficed him for a year or two. If you were to ask me which of two gifts you wish to give to your friend, one being an expensive perfume and the other a clock with his name engraved on it, I would chose the clock simply because it would last for longer and is always noticeable. Also, perhaps it may even be cheaper. I recall once giving a student of mine a clock with his name engraved on it. He graduated from the university and years went by. I then visited a city to deliver a lecture and was surprised that he came to attend the lecture and then invited me over to his house. When I entered the lounge, he pointed at the clock 480 Generosity 73 on the wall and said, "This is the most precious gift I have been given." This was seven years after he graduated. And, in fact, this clock was not expensive at all, but its sentimental value was much more. Point of view... Opportunities to win people's hearts do not come often. 481 (74) Restraining oneself from harming others There was a man hated by everyone because none was ever spared from his harm. If he spared a person from his hand, he would not spare him from his tongue. If he forgot to speak ill of a person in his presence, then he would not forget to speak ill of him in his absence. The man was certainly disliked by all...
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