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Abu bakr and umar were the best of the companions

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Unformatted text preview: octor or to ask her something about an illness, the secretary would welcome her, ask her name, then kindly request her to call back after five minutes. The secretary would then open up her health record and hand it over to the doctor. The doctor would read all the information about the patient, look into the record, and become acquainted with all her information, including her work, and even her children's names. Then, when the patient would call back, she would welcome her and enquire about her illness, about her 170 Show them that you want the best for them 25 youngest child, and general news about her work, etc. The patient would then feel that this doctor really liked her to such an extent that she even remembered the names of her children as well as the illness she is suffering from. The doctor did even not forget where she worked! Not surprisingly, this patient would be inclined to visit this particular doctor each time she needed medical advice. See how easy it is to win and captivate hearts? There is nothing wrong in expressing your love for others frankly, be the person a father, mother, wife, child, colleague or neighbour. Do not hide your feelings towards them. Proclaim your love to them by saying, "I love you", "You are very precious to me", etc. Even if this person happens to be an open sinner, you could say to him, "You are more beloved to me than many others!" And you wouldn't have lied, since surely they are more beloved to you than millions of diselievers, isn't that so? Be smart! I remember once I went to perform `Umrah. I was in the middle of performing Tawaaf and Sa`ee, praying for all the Muslims generally, that they be protected and granted victory and dominion. I also probably said something like, "O Allah, forgive me, my beloved ones and my friends." After finishing the rituals of `Umrah, I praised Allah for making it easy for me. I then rented out a room in a hotel to spend a night therein. As I rested my head on the pillow, I wrote...
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