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Abu bakr looked at his father who he now saw after a

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Unformatted text preview: ng. We then went to the jewellers where he bought me a necklace to wear along with the skirt at the wedding.When we returned home, he noticed that the kids were bored, so he promised to take them out on the weekend." As the poor divorced woman listens to all this, she reflects upon what her predicament will be when she leaves for her brother's house. The question is, is it appropriate to discuss something of this nature when the woman has just come out of a failed marriage? Would this woman's love for her neighbour increase due to this? Would she ever wish to sit with her ever again? I think we can all agree that the answer is a resounding `No!' Rather, her heart would be filled with jealousy and envy.What then is the solution? Should her neighbour have lied to her? Of course not, but she could have spoken tactfully and in brief. She could have said, "We had some things to do, so we went out", and then she should have changed the topic and tried to ease the pain of her neighbour. Suppose two friends sit their secondary school examinations and one of them passes with flying colours whilst the other one fails in some subjects and therefore does not achieve the grades required for university. Would it be appropriate for the one who has passed to visit his friend and discuss the university that has accepted him and the various opportunities that have opened up? No doubt we would all say no. What then should he do? He should mention general matters that might lighten his worry. He could complain about the large number of applicants 149 Taking one's psychological condition into consideration 23 to universities, how many people are not accepted, and all the other things that might make his friend feel better.Thereafter, his friend would probably not mind sitting with him and remaining his companion. The same can be said about two young men who meet each other, one of whom has a generous father who is always showering him with wealth, while the other has a miserly father who hardly meets his needs. It wou...
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