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Abu bakr said as for what you mentioned of the good

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Unformatted text preview: the Prophet's companion in this life and will be in the next. He was the Prophet's friend in the pre-Islamic days of ignorance as well as in Islam. He was also the father of his wife, `A'ishah -may Allah be pleased with her. Hence, he was utterly distressed over the Prophet's illness. When the Prophet asked the people to order Abu Bakr to lead the prayer, some of those present said, "Abu Bakr is a very soft-hearted person. If he took up this position, he would not be able to lead the people in prayer due to his excessive weeping." The Prophet knew this about Abu Bakr, that he was a very soft-hearted person who easily broke down in tears, especially when requested something of this nature. However, the Prophet was alluding to the fact that Abu Bakr was the most deserving of being a Caliph after him. It is as if he he was saying, "I am not present, so let Abu Bakr take up the responsibility." Hence, the Prophet requested once again, "Order Abu Bakr to lead the people in prayer" until Abu Bakr finally led the prayer. Even though Abu Bakr was a very soft-hearted person, he was at the same time held in very high regard, and would also become angry at occasions. His companion, `Umar , knew this fact. After the Prophet's death, the companions the Muhajiroon and the Ansaar gathered together in the quarters of Banu Sa`idah to decide on a Caliph. `Umar accompanied Abu Bakr on 97 Use the right flavour 17 his way to the quarter. `Umar said, "We arrived at the quarters of Banu Sa`idah. When we sat down, a man from the Ansaar affirmed the testimony of faith, praised Allah as He should be, and then said: `To proceed: we are the helpers of Allah and the vanguards of Islam, and you, O Muhajiroon, are a part of us. Some of you have shown hastiness and want to take possession of leadership from us.' "When he finished, I wanted to speak. I had thought of some words that I would say, and I liked what I had prepared, and I wanted to say it in front of Abu Bakr, but I knew that he could be stern at times. However, Abu Bakr said: `Relax, O `Umar!...
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