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Abu baseer left madinah and wondered where he should

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Unformatted text preview: id, "Indeed, all thanks and praise belong to Allah and His Messenger." 519 The magician 80 He said, "Were you not poor and Allah made you self-sufficient? Were you not enemies of one another and Allah placed love between your hearts?" They said, "Indeed, all thanks and praise belong to Allah and His Messenger." The Prophet then fell silent as did the people. They both waited in silence until the Prophet said, "Will you not respond to me, O Ansaar?" They said, "What can we say in response, O Messenger of Allah, for all thanks and praise belong to Allah and His Messenger." The Prophet said, "But by Allah, you might have answered and answered truthfully, for I myself would have testified to its truth myself you might have said, You came to us belied and rejected and we accepted you. You came to us as helpless and we helped you. You came to us a fugitive, and we took you in. You came to us poor and we comforted you." The Prophet then began to moving their hearts and emotions, saying, "O Ansar, do you feel concern for the things of this world, whereas I have sought to incline these people unto the faith in which you are already established? Are you not satisfied, O Ansar, that the people will leave with ewes and camels while you will leave with the Messenger of Allah to your dwellings. By Him in Whose Hand is my life, had there been no migration, I would have been one of the Ansaar. If people were to go through a valley and passage while the Ansaar were to go through another valley and passage, I would go through the valley and passage of the Ansaar. O Allah! Have mercy on the 520 The magician 80 Ansaar, their children and their children's children." The people, upon hearing this, began to cry until their beards were soaked and said, "Yes! We are satisfied, O Prophet of Allh with our lot and share." Then the Prophet left and the people dispersed. How amazing was our Prophet ! In fact, by using beautiful words, you can even intoxicate...
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