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Abu layla said i saw the urine trickling down from

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Unformatted text preview: how Allah's Messenger would behave in his house. She said: `He would be serving his family, and when the time for prayer would come he would perform ablution and leave to pray.'' The same can be said about parents. How often is it that we hear of the good manners that some display, such as generosity, cheerfulness and kind behaviour towards others, and yet with the closest people to them who have the greatest rights over them, such as their parents, wives and children, they are distant and cold. Yes, the best of you is the best to his family, to his parents, to his wife, to his servants, and even to his children. One night, 50 Enjoy the skills 8 as Abu Layla may Allah be pleased with him sat next to the Prophet , there came to him, either al-Hasan or al-Husayn, so the Prophet lifted him up and placed him on his stomach. The toddler then urinated on the Prophet's stomach. Abu Layla said, "I saw the urine trickling down from the Prophet's stomach. So we leapt up to the Prophet , but he said: `Leave my son alone. Do not scare him.'" When the toddler had finished urinating, he called for some water and poured it over his stomach.' (Ahmad and al-Tabarani, with trustworthy narrators) How amazing was the Messenger of Allah to train and adorn himself with such manners! No wonder he was able to win the hearts of the young and old. Opinion... Instead of cursing the darkness, try to fix the lamp. 51 (9) With the poor Many people today view manners in a commercial light. To them, only rich people's jokes are worth laughing at, and only their faults are considered small and worthy of overlooking. As for the poor, their jokes are unbearable and only worthy of ridicule, while their faults are magnified and they are shouted down. As for the Prophet , his kindness extended to both rich and poor alike. Anas may Allah be pleased with him said, "There was a man from amongst the Bedouins whose name was Zahir bin Haram. Whenever he came to Madinah for a need, he brought somet...
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