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Al abbas said to himself what is wrong with him may

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Unformatted text preview: it to his companions and they ate it all together. Finally, remember that to smile in your brother's face is an act of charity. 394 Smile and keep smiling 58 The leader... "He never saw me except that he smiled..." 395 (59) The red lines One of my students was very well read and always keen to form relationships with others. However, he was also very unpleasant. He came to me one day and said, "Dear teacher, my colleagues never like me. They cannot bear my sense of humour." I said to myself, "I cannot bear you when you are silent, so how could I when you speak? Moreover, how terrible are you when you try to be light-hearted and joke?" I asked him, "Why are they unable to bear your jokes? Give me an example of a joke of yours." He said, "Once, one of them sneezed, so I said, `May Allah curse you...' and remained silent.When he became angry I completed my sentence, `... O Iblis! And may Allah have mercy on you, O so-and-so!'" How unpleasant his joke was, I thought. Poor man, he thought he was being pleasant and light-hearted by making such jokes! No matter how much people tolerate your humour and wit, there are always red lines that they would never like you to 396 The red lines 59 cross, especially in front of others. However, some people do not give any consideration to this and often transgress others' sensitivities. For instance, some people would take your mobile phone and start phoning whoever they like. Others may use it to send text messages to people whom you do not wish to have your number. One of them may drive your car without your permission, or embarrass you by persistently asking for it until you give in unwillingly.You may find a group of students living in a flat and one of them wakes up to go to the university, he finds that soand-so has already left with his coat, and so-and-so has left with his shoes! Examples of crossing this red line includes finding some people embarrassing their friends by their unpleasant sense of humour or by asking awkward q...
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