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Al arifi and to request permission 11 for the

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Unformatted text preview: st permission 11 for the translation of his book. After a few days, we managed to establish contact with Dr. Al-`Arifi. Fortunately, for us, he was already familiar with Darussalam. As he said himself, most of the books he takes on his international travels are of Darussalam publications. It is always easier to work towards an agreement if there is preceding familiarity. We invited Dr. Al-`Arifi over to Darussalam's headquarters for a visit, and he gladly accepted the invitation. Thus, we had the pleasure of his company. I found him to be just as handsome and immaculate as are his works and lectures. He has a unique and charming character and a very humble personality. I know from my experience with people in the Islamic world, that the more famous and well respected a person becomes, the more modest and noble is his behaviour. Dr. Al-`Arifi signed the contract with Darussalam and then excused himself, saying he was in a hurry and that he would return soon to discuss further details. After a couple of weeks or so, as I was travelling once again to Madinah, I coincidently noticed Dr. Al-`Arifi seated on the same plane. As the seat besides him was empty, we had the opportunity to sit together and familiarise ourselves with each other even more. We spoke at length and felt closer to one another. A few days later, he returned to Darussalam and gave us a number of new suggestions. We introduced him to some of our projects, and it was then decided that Darussalam would translate his books into various languages. He explained how his book, `Enjoy Your Life' is in reality a summary of his entire life experience. He spent a considerable amount of time authoring this book. There is no doubt that he 12 wrote this work from the very depths of his heart, and one really must read it to realise and acknowledge the beauty of it.This book was published in Arabic in Sha'ban 1428AH, corresponding to August 2007, and within the span of one year, it had sold 100,000 copies. As mentioned previously,...
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