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Al mughirah bin shubah stood up took an axe and

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Unformatted text preview: chaos with a shoe lying here, takeaway bags there, a tissue here, and audio cassettes there, you would have the immediate impression about the person that he was chaotic and uncaring about arranging things.The same applies to the way people dress and how they generally appear. What I mean here is to be concerned with one's appearance and not extravagance in clothing, cars, furniture, etc. The Messenger of Allah would give much consideration to these aspects. He would wear a beautiful robe which he would only wear on the two `Eids and Fridays. He used to have a special robe he would wear when receiving envoys. He would give great consideration to his appearance and smell, and would love perfume. Anas may Allah be pleased with him said, "He had the 443 Looking after one's appearance 67 brightest skin colour. His sweat was pearl-like. When he walked, he leant forward slightly. I have never touched a piece of silk as soft as the hand of the Messenger of Allah . I have never smelt a perfume or an ambergris better than the smell of the Prophet . His hand was perfumed as though he had just withdrawn it from the place where a perfume maker keeps his tools. He was recognised merely by his scent whenever he came." Anas may Allah be pleased with him also said, "The Messenger of Allah would never refuse perfume. He had the most beautiful face. His face was as bright as the sun.Whenever he became happy, his face brightened, as if it were a piece of moon." Jabir bin Samurah said, "I once saw the Messenger of Allah on a night illuminated by a full moon. I compared the Messenger of Allah to the moon whilst he was wearing a red robe.To me, he seemed more beautiful than the moon." The Prophet would encourage the Muslims to look after their appearance. Abul-Haws narrates from his father that he said, "I came to the Prophet wearing a rough garment. He said, `Do you have any wealth?' `Yes', I said. He said, `What do you have?' I said, `Camels, cows, cattle,...
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