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Ali lifted her up gave her to fatimah and said hold on

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Unformatted text preview: u success. May He make your children as dutiful." 539 Supplications 82 There is no doubt that this prayer would be an encouragement for him to continue. The Prophet was very novel in using such prayers to guide and win over people in order to bring them closer to the religion. At-Tufayl bin `Amr was one of the leaders of the tribe Daws. One day he came to Makkah for a need. When he entered the city, the noble men of the Quraysh noticed his presence. They approached him and said, "Who are you?" He said, "At-Tufayl bin `Amr, the leader of Daws." Quraysh feared that at-Tufayl might meet the Prophet and accept Islam. They said, "There is a man here in Makkah who claims that he is a prophet. Beware! Do not sit with him or listen to what he has to say, for he is a magician. If you were to listen to him, you would lose your mind." At-Tufayl said, "They continued to warn me about him until I was determined neither to listen to anything from him nor to speak to him. In fact, I stuffed cotton in my ears in the fear that I would end up overhearing some of his speech as I passed by him." At-Tufayl said, "I went to the Mosque to find the Messenger of Allah standing in prayer next to the Ka'bah. I stood closer to him and Allah was insistent on making me hear some of his speech. I really liked what I heard and said to myself, "May my mother lose me! By Allah, I am an intelligent person. I am well able to distinguish between the good and bad. What is then preventing me from listening to what this man has to say? If he says something good, I will accept it. If he says something bad, I will reject it. I stayed until he finished his prayer. When he rose to 540 Supplications 82 leave for his house, I followed him until he entered his house and I entered with him. I said,`O Muhammad, your people have told me such and such. By Allah, they continued to warn me about you until I stuffed my ears with cotton so that I would not get to hear your words. I then managed to hear some of...
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