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An example will illustrate this point suppose one

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Unformatted text preview: , who had made his statement based on knowledge and upon Allah's Law as opposed to his whims and emotions, said to the man, "However, you are in an evil land." Strange! How did he know that? He gathered this by knowing the magnitude of the man's crime and the absence of anyone to forbid him. He realised that murder and oppression had become a norm in that city, so much so that nobody had any concern for the plight of the oppressed. He said, "You are in an evil land." Meaning, you must leave here and go to such-and-such a land where there are people worshipping Allah and join them in worshipping Him. The man set out for that land but died before reaching it.The angels of mercy and those of punishment descended to take his soul. The angels of mercy argued that he had been on his way to repenting and returning to Allah.The angels of wrath argued that he had not done any good in his entire life. Therefore, Allah sent an angel in the form of a man to settle their dispute. He judged that the distance between the two cities be measured, and that the man be judged according to whichever of the two he had been closer to. Allah inspired the city of mercy to be closer and the city of disobedience to be farther. It was thus discovered that he had been closer to the city of virtue.The angels of mercy therefore took the man's soul. Unfortunately, many of those who pass verdicts in Islamic 127 People are like the minerals of the earth 20 matters as well as some who seek them are often carried away by emotion. I recall one of my neighbours who often had arguments with his wife. One day he had a terrible one due to which he divorced her once, and then took her back. After that, he had another one due to which he divorced her again, only to take her back again. Each time I would meet him, I would remind him of the seriousness of divorce as well as of his responsibilities towards his small children. I would often say to him, "You only have one divorce left the third one. If you wer...
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