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As for me then i was the youngest and the firmest of

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Unformatted text preview: e has been prevented by his two Burdas (cloaks) and his looking at his own flanks with pride." To this Mu`adh bin Jabal replied: "How evil is what you have said! By Allah, O Messenger of Allah! I have not known except good from him." The Messenger of Allah remained silent. Ka'b continued: "When the Prophet finished with the expedition of Tabuk and made his way back to Madinah, I began to think; `How do I save myself from his displeasure?' I would seek advice from whoever had to offer me advice from my family, until the Prophet finally arrived in Madinah, and I realised that I would not be saved except by being honest." The Prophet then reached Madinah and directly entered the mosque, wherein he prayed two units of prayer, and then sat with the people. There came to him those who had lagged behind, making excuses for their actions and swearing oaths. They were about eighty-odd people. The Messenger of Allah accepted their excuses at face value and sought forgiveness for them, leaving their innermost secrets to Allah. 157 Be concerned about others 24 Ka`b bin Malik also came. When he greeted him, the Prophet looked at him. He smiled at him, the smile of one who is angry. Ka'b walked towards him and sat in front of him. The Prophet said to him: "What made you lag behind? Did you not buy a ride for yourself?" Meaning: your riding beast. He replied: `Indeed, I did!' The Prophet asked: "Then, what kept you behind?" Ka`b said: "O Messenger of Allah, if I were to have sat in front of anyone in the world other than you, I would have saved myself from his anger by making an excuse. I have been given the power of persuasion. But by Allah, I know that if I were to tell you a lie today in order to attain your pleasure, then Allah would soon make you angry with me anyway, and if I were to speak the truth, then surely you would be upset with me, but I would hope that because I spoke the truth, Allah would forgive me. O Messenger of Allah,...
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