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As we sat in the car i turned to him and said abd al

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Unformatted text preview: help from the people of at-Ta'if, and their rejection of him, followed by the foolish ones amongst them throwing stones at him until his feet bled. Despite these painful moments in the life of the Prophet ,he would continue his life cheerfully and not allow them to embitter him from enjoying his life. These painful moments do not deserve to be remembered. The pains have now gone, and all that is left is joy. Therefore, do not kill yourself with grief. Similarly, do not kill people with grief and blame. Sometimes, we deal with problems in ways that do not provide solutions. Al-Ahnaf bin Qays was the leader of Banu Tamim. He did not become a leader due to the strength of his body, or the abundance of wealth, or the nobility of lineage, but due to his forbearance and intellect. A group of people envied him so they came to a foolish person and said, "Here are a thousand dirhams. Go to the leader of Banu Tamim, al-Ahnaf bin Qays, and slap him across his face." The foolish person went ahead and found al-Ahnaf sitting with some men. He was sitting with his legs drawn up to his chest in a garment with all sedateness, speaking to his people. The foolish person slowly came close until he stood next to him. Al-Ahnaf looked up to him thinking he had something pleasant to show him, and suddenly, the foolish person raised his hand and slapped al-Ahnaf across his face so hard that it was as if his 320 Self torture 45 cheek was about to rip open. Al-Ahnaf looked at him, and instead of undoing his garments to free his legs, he said very gently,"Why did you slap me?" The man said, "My people gave me a thousand dirhams to slap the leader of Banu Tamim." Al-Ahnaf said, "Oh! You haven't achieved anything, then! I am not the leader of Banu Tamim!" The man said, "That's strange! Where is the leader of Banu Tamim, then?" Al-Ahnaf replied, "Do you see that man sitting on his own with a sword to his side?" He pointed to a man called Harithah bin Qudamah, who was perpetually full of ange...
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